Is Yacon Syrup Safe?

Is Yacon syrup safe? Yacon Syrup is unlike some of the artificial sweeteners that are available in the market today. It is perfectly natural and it is extracted from the Yacon plant root. This plant falls in the same category as the Sunflower and it can be found in abundance in South America. Some of the natives and Peruvian people prefer to use the root of this plant in their dishes and they take it in the chopped form. The syrup or the extract of the root is distinct in terms of flavor when compared to the root and it is not unlike caramel or molasses. It is a perfect and a natural sugar alternative that has low glycemic count and it is ideal for a perfect diet. This is simply because it is a whole food that is free from glucose and almost 30 percent of it is purely FOS or fructooligosaccharides.

 is Yacon Syrup safe

How Yacon syrup works?

Body fails to absorb FOS and that is the reason why it never gets metabolized even when passing through the body’s digestive system.This sugar is treated like a soluble fiber and it is directly passed to the gut. The bulk is beneficial for moving the body waste through the stomach and the intestine. This is the reason why this syrup has almost half the count of calories compared to some of the other sweeteners, liquid syrups, honey, etc. and it can be safely taken by diabetics.

Numerous health benefits

Colon health – The presence of FOS acts like prebiotics that are essential for effective functioning of the intestine. The cleansing effect of Yacon syrup on the colon will prevent any bacteria imbalance in the system that can affect health.

Weight loss –In a recent study conducted by European nutrition agencies has suggested that Yacon syrup is effective for those who are looking to reduce weight. It has been pointed out that the regular intake of Yacon syrup will ensure that people feel full most of the time, which will directly regulate body fat with less food intake.

Blood pressure and cholesterol

This syrup has the potential to regulate LDL cholesterol levels in the body. It has also been found that this syrup also acts a blood thinner that may help in reducing the chances of blood clot and low blood pressure.

Is Yacon Syrup Safe?

It has always been a struggle for diabetics to find a whole food, which is a natural sweetener and they often enquire, is Yacon syrup safe? However, Yacon syrup has been a solution to this problem because of its low glycemic index count and it is a perfect solution for diabetics. People, who are strict with their diet and prefer anti-candida diet which is also known as sugar-free diet to overcome and prevent yeast growth, can intake this syrup without aggravating their problems.

Using Yacon syrup

This syrup being a natural sweetener is a perfect alternative to maple syrup, honey or molasses especially in cooking. It can be consumed with yogurt or fruits without any issue.

Benefits of Yacon syrup

It is also an ideal sugar substitute for vegetarians who avoid intake of white sugar and honey because of their involvement with animals or being animal products especially at the time of manufacturing. Yacon syrup on the other hand is extracted from a plant and it is completely natural which does not involve harvesting from animal or manufacturing from animal extracts. This is a relatively new substitute to the artificial sweeteners and offers tremendous potential when taken into consideration of its health benefits.It is prebiotic and largely responsible for fermentation in the stomach.

It also causes bloating and gas. However, these are not much of an issue and proper care can be taken to prevent oneself from excess consumption. During the course of time, the body will get used to this syrup and more amount of this sugar can be consumed easily without any side-effects.Yacon syrup is perfectly safe for consuming directly or cooked and it is ideal for diabetics as well as for those who avoid artificial sweeteners in their food. It is low in terms of calorie and glycemic index which makes it an ideal substitute for sugar and a whole food that can be consumed on a regular basis.

is Yacon Syrup safe?

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